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Queerly Gathered Logo

a community gathered at the intersection of faith and queerness.

We know

We know...

-the Church has not celebrated, and in many cases harmed, the LGBTQ+ community.

-there is so much church trauma, specifically in the LGTBQ+ community.

-there are so many question about life, faith and queerness that are rarely given permission to be asked. 

We know...

which is why we created Queerly Gathered.

a community gathered at the intersection of faith and queerness to give space for those seeking God, community, and queer spirituality.

Upcoming Gatherings

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Sept-May Gatherings

Faith Conversations provide an affirming Christian space to connect and explore the intersections of queerness and spirituality, while growing in relationship with God. Each month we will tackle a new question together.

Social Saturdays are a time to join together in community to hang out and make some new friends!

Grace Gatherings provide a time to grow together in relationship with God and each other. This might look a little different every month, as we explore different spiritual practices like contemplative prayer, queer bible study and more. We also eat dinner together at these gatherings. 

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Pride Flag

Too often the only space to gather with a queer community is a bar, but we were looking for something more, something deeper.  Maybe you are too? 

Queerly Gathered is a community of and by queer people for queer people.  A place to meet people, explore big question of faith and queerness. We gather in the DMV area of Washington D.C.  

Are you a queer person or their loved one?  or someone you know, join us!

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About Us
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Our Story

Whenever we are in queer spaces, we are constantly meeting people who are energized and interested in spirituality, but are not as energized by traditional religion and church experiences. 


Some people want to experience relationship with God, some people want a safe place to voice their questions and explore their doubts, some people want a sense of belonging with others interested in spirituality.  With the support of the Presbyterian Church (USA), we started Queerly Gathered, a community gathered at the intersection of faith and queerness.

Our Values

Queerly Gathered Values...


Embracing our Queerness as Disruption

Jesus was a disrupter of norms who centered the voices and experiences of the marginalized. As God’s children, fully loved in our queerness, we embrace our calling to disrupt the status quo of heteronormativity and binary thinking.


Embracing our Queerness as Connection

The good news is that God empowers us to discover and to be our whole selves. This includes fully affirming our queerness. Faith, doubt, and honest exploration of our spirituality connect us to our deepest, most authentic selves and help us share in connection with others.


Embracing our Queerness as Love

We bear witness to the disruptive love of God that is shocking because of who it includes, not who it excludes. We believe love wins because God is Love. Love is not a trite or easy affair, but the highest goal of our humanity. Love is actively tending to the needs of our community. Love is chosen family that shows up for each other.


Embracing our Queerness as Healing Theology

We reject the narrative that only some people belong. We refuse to sit at tables that Jesus would have overturned. Scripture and tradition have often been misused and weaponized against LGBTQ+ folx. Systems of oppression and abuse like patriarchy, white supremacy, and heterosexism are embedded in our society. We reject these toxic systems and strive to build authentic connection with our neighbors through faith, honesty, and mutual support.

Join Us


We would love for you to join us at our next gathering!  Just fill out the info below and we will send you all the information.  We can't wait to meet you and include you in this special community.

Thanks for joining

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